Motion Picture + Television Law

The practice concentrates on independent filmmakers who want to develop, finance, produce, and distribute professional film and scripted television projects. DeepFocus handles every legal aspect of independent film and digital content production.

DeepFocus counsels independent narrative film and documentary creators, preferring to begin at the pitch stage and work closely with clients throughout development. The practice represents and advises emerging creative talent on the complex legal issues facing cinematic artists in a competitive and rapidly changing media universe.

Negotiating and finalizing contracts for above-the-line talent and crew including executive producers, producers, directors, cinematographers, and department heads. Providing and organizing agreements and releases for below-the-line talent and crew, locations, film clips, and music. DeepFocus concentrates on helping clients accomplish their cinematic visions, protect their legal interests, and monetize their creative assets.


Rights option and acquisition agreements
Screenwriter and co-writer agreements
Chain-of-title review and legal opinion
Copyright registration and protection
Attachment agreements

Motion Picture and Television Production

Advice and guidance on choosing and structuring business entities
Production entity organization
Operating agreements, bylaws, consents, and shareholder agreements
Above- and below-the-line talent and crew employment agreements
Production business and legal affairs counsel


Composer and music licensing agreements
Film clip and stock footage licensing agreements


Sales agent agreements
Distribution and ancillary rights agreements
Review and advice on distributor reporting and compliance
Advice and representation on self-distribution


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