Business + Legal Affairs

Whether your first short film or a larger feature film project, film production starts with selecting and setting up a business entity. The indie filmmaker’s fundamental goals—creative control, film financing, liability protection, and tax benefits—depend on this major business decision.

Business structures provide producers with stability, operating power, protection of personal assets as well as intellectual property assets used in the film, and investor benefits. As an entity grows, the importance of starting off properly increases. DeepFocus works to ensure production success and enable production company growth.

The practice translates complex business and legal concepts involved in the business side of independent film in ways that clients can comprehend and act upon to successfully develop and realize creative projects. Guiding indie producers in their selection of the best form of business entity. Organizing and establishing limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and corporations. Representing production companies in connection with local film production tax credits, employment and independent contractor agreements, guild and labor issues, and vendor relationships.

Flat Fee Filmmaker Business Packages
Start Your Production Company $850

Work with an experienced entertainment lawyer and be guided through the decisions you’ll need to make to start a production company as a single-member LLC. Your flat fee package includes applicable filing fees. In just a few days, DeepFocus Law will prepare all state and federal documents needed to organize your business as a separate legal entity. Starting with more than one member? Schedule a consultation to talk more about your needs. We’ll tailor a flat fee package that works.

Business Organizations

Advice and guidance on choosing and structuring business entities
Production entity organization
Operating agreements, bylaws, consents, and shareholder agreements
Above- and below-the-line talent and crew employment agreements
Production business and legal affairs counsel

Business Transactions

Review, negotiation, and drafting of contracts, licensing agreements, and other transactional documentation


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