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It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business.

Starting a new production company. Setting up a single-purpose vehicle (“SPV”) to hold the rights to an indie film or television project. For indie filmmakers, business and legal affairs are at the top of the to-do list. Choosing the best legal entity for your purposes, making smart decisions about its control and management, and documenting these fundamental business aspects of a successful independent production are key.

DeepFocus Entertainment Law explains the complex business and legal concepts involved in the business side of film in ways that clients can comprehend and act upon to successfully develop and realize their creative visions. The firm advises on selecting the best form of business entity and handles all of the legal requirements to start it, from filing with the state to obtaining federal tax identification (“EIN”) numbers. We organize new limited liability (“LLC”) companies and incorporate new business corporations. We guide clients through important decisions needed to properly draft operating agreements, corporate bylaws, resolutions, limited partnership agreements, and other business formation documents to reflect their situations and preferences.

The firm’s business and legal affairs practice also includes representation for local film production tax credits and permits, employment and independent contractor agreements, guild and labor union issues, and commercial leases. The work of a transactional business law firm seen through the lens of the independent film and television industry.