Film Finance

It takes money to make movies. Without financing, there is no film (whether shot like El Mariachi on old-school 16mm or on the latest digital cinematography gear).

DeepFocus works with filmmakers to put together the numerous agreements and other documents that enable indie pictures to be funded and distributed. From option and purchase agreements for literary property to corporate structures and insurance and completion bond applications, the practice prepares a solid foundation capable of supporting the interests of financial contributors.

The practice brings a creative approach to microbudget and low budget film finance. We love movies and want to help make them happen. A financial package may include crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, production tax credits and incentives, letters of intent, pre-sales, partnership capital, deferred payment arrangements, product placement deals, loans, or any combination of these and other strategies.

DeepFocus can also advise film producers with larger budgets on essential aspects of equity financing, such as evaluating exemptions from SEC and state “blue sky” registration requirements for investment offerings, qualifying individuals as accredited investors, and complying with notice requirements. The practice prepares private placement memoranda for offerings with full investor disclosures, enabling films to raise necessary capital within the requirements of applicable securities laws.

Film Finance Legal

Preparing PPM documents for private equity offerings
Negotiating and reviewing loan agreements
Formalizing assets such as talent commitments and deferred payment arrangements
Advising on production company business plan documents supporting investment


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