Trademarks + Licensing

Registered trademarks protect the names, words, and designs that identify the sources of products and services. For indie film producers, three aspects of these valuable intellectual property rights matter most.

Trademark protection for your production company can increase its value by keeping it clear to the consumer that the company is behind your film and television work. Trademark protection for other brands can affect your ability to depict their names, logos, and other brand identity in your projects. And trademark licensing as part of ancillary rights in films and their characters can provide lucrative revenue streams.

DeepFocus handles all aspects of trademark protection and leverage, including global trademark searching, successfully registering marks in the US Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”), trademark monitoring, license agreements, and trademark infringement. The practice also counsels indie film producers on avoiding liability for tarnishing or blurring other trademarks or misleading audiences when depicting branded material in film and television projects.

Trademark Law

Comprehensive global trademark searching and evaluation
Trademark applications and representation in USPTO office actions
Trademark monitoring and assessment of potentially infringing marks
Brand portfolio management
Trademark opposition proceedings before U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
Trademark licensing agreements
Advice and guidance on “fair use” of third party trademarks
Trademark enforcement
Defense of trademark infringement claims


Dane E. Johnson