Development + Packaging

LEVISON (Cont'd)

If you want to quit, I'll give you a production deal.  
  (fate worse than death)
Maybe you'd like to be a salesperson intead of a buyer.


I'll stay.

Independent film development—like a great script—starts with relationships. Between the story’s intended audience, the script’s budget, and the market’s likely results. Looking closely at these relationships guides critical development and packaging decisions, such as cast, director, producer, location, and financing.

DeepFocus Entertainment Law works with select clients to develop and package their film and television projects. It has represented film projects to distributors and production partners at the American Film Market and advises independent producers from creative, legal, and film business perspectives.

The firm provides coverage for requested motion picture and television scripts. Beyond considerations of story, coverage includes evalauating comparable films and preparing sales estimates and income projections. For scripts that pass our internal “greenlight” analysis, services include: preparing film business plans and negotiating and documenting talent attachments to support investor offerings, consulting on film marketing campaigns, and pitching to market buyers.