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And at the end he has to choose between Geena Davis and Glenn Close. I think he should go with Davis, the smartest thing to do would be to stick money in the budget for two endings, and let the audience decide.

Independent film financing. Raising the money to go from shorts to feature films, from unpaid friends to professional actors and crew, from a film few may ever see to a film that gets a distribution deal. It’s your most important task as an indie producer. But how do you do it?

The still-recovering post-pandemic theatrical market and the rise of video-on-demand (“VOD”) production and distribution have created major challenges for indie film financing. Theaters are in a tight spot. And streamers are increasingly filling their platforms with their own productions. When they buy indie films, they buy them at fixed profits.

That may be fine if a film is fully funded. But without the potential of big results from a film that could become a hit, an investor has less incentive to want to put up the money to make that movie. It adds up to making it harder to fund a debut feature that can start a filmmaking career.

But audiences want excellent independent films.The latest studio tentpoles don’t appeal to everyone. There is an increasing demand for features based on well-written scripts with authentic characters that compel talented actors to respond. And well-crafted documentaries about critical issues.

DeepFocus Entertainment Law understands the tools available for finding the money to make the kinds of movies we want to see. Development and production equity. Pre-sales. Local production tax credits, rebates, subsidies, and incentives. Product placement and equity from advertisers. Entertainment lending and completion bonds, NFTs, equity crowdfunding, donation crowdfunding, fiscal sponsorships, and more.


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