Production Legal


I’ll give you a contract!  A long-
term contract for seven years.  I’ll give you the first year a hundred and fifty.  The second year two hundred.
A week.  The third year, three hundred, and so on until in seven years you make a million dollars!

The production of independent films requires a myriad of documents and agreements customized to the deals behind your picture. It matters as much that every one of them be concise and precise for an ultra-low-budget debut feature as it does for a summer blockbuster.

DeepFocus Entertainment Law’s production and distribution practice is an indie producer’s ally from before the start of principal photography to long after camera wrap. Agreements to purchase literary and “life story” rights, refine a screenplay with co-writers, engage a director’s vision, or otherwise construct a solid legal foundation at the start of development. During production, simple documents like appearance releases and location agreements to more complex deal terms for actors and department heads (including credit, perks, approval rights, and profit participations). Contracts with foreign sales agents, territorial distributors, film production and distribution companies to release a delivered film.

We take pride in preparing professional production legal documents tailored to the deal points and legal issues of your film and fully compliant with errors and omissions insurer and distributor requirements. A production and distribution practice to ensure your film is thoroughly and properly documented for delivery. A law firm that can provide legal advice and guidance as needed. All in one.